Monday, September 22, 2008

Even the Wind Has a Poem - Julie Beveridge

Even the Wind has a Poem

words spill
from sleeping mouths

walls hold secrets
exposed in cracks

even the wind
has a poem

i wait for inspiration
to teach itself to read and write

in the drunk and dimly lit
corridors of my mind

feeding myself deliberate lines
i edge off the excess of language

into a blank and patient page

Julie Beveridge

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lily - Michelle Cahill

(photograph by Ian Cameron)

Not the lilies, their November tongues or clitoral folds
or her almond shaped eyes that follow the camera lens,
but something about the stems strapped to thigh, how
hands buckle down the gnarled, uneven stalk each length
locked in the hiatus of hips; lips profiled with irony say
with vagina and sass you can go a long way and some…
Satin ruched over her best points like a minimalist gorge.
Art in the corners of her mouth breathes a private sigh.

Michelle Cahill
(First appeared in 4W, Issue 18)