Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Going Anywhere - Robert Morris

Not Going Anywhere

darling she said
not that you'd leave
but should I find you
if you do
I think you know
what I'd do.
Things, born of love
drops of poison from a bottle
I'm not forgiving
I'd throttle you
and if there were another woman
I'd kill her too
now let's forget all this
come sit here
in your favourite chair
I know
you'd not

Robert Morris

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Levels of Incapacity - Jane Williams

Levels of Incapacity

it seems only yesterday
he was free loving his way
around a world open to
suggestion his suggestion
now unexpectedly sixty
the wrong side of a pension
fresh from a triple bypass
he shouldn’t have survived
trying to explain why he prefers
meditation to medication
for the pain he can’t otherwise prove
to the young customer service officer
wearing jeans for genes day
(there’s a brochure on his desk)
smiling rhetoric like the myth
of his own immortality depends on it
gauge your level of incapacity
professional evaluation
here to assist you in any way we can
back into the workforce

Jane Williams

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Storm - Jonathan Hadwen


like a storm that does not mean to sink a ship
your sadness settles on this tiny house,
we founder, the dog and I
until gasping we flee outside,
a brief saunter in the eye
while over dripping trees
clouds can be seen
all around.

Jonathan Hadwen