Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three Haiku - Pearl Nelson

the pond at the end
of the street, its edges frozen
and without toad song


after a hard rain
the old man’s turnips
bare sensuous purple shoulders


that old drunken moon–
smoking cigarettes and singing
songs in a toad’s voice

Pearl Nelson

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking Back - Ron Wilkins

Looking Back

A thump with the heel
of the hand forcing entry,
then the metal ripper jacking up
the lid in levered steps until
with a twist,
the jagged disk snapped loose.
It was hard preparing a meal
of sausages and vegetables
in those student days,
filling up on a chunk of bread and jam,
a mug of tea.

Now, the opener is half the size.
It grips the rim and by successive turns
of a wheel at the side,
the can rotates et voila
a perfect reflecting circle drops,
neat as a freshly minted coin.
How much easier life has become,
though as I gaze at the pale beans
glowing in their pink sauce,
I wonder could I be viewing the present
through rosy-tinted spectacles?

Ron Wilkins

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beloved - Shonni Hodge


The lies have wrought their own piece:
Intricate curls, gilt and glamour
to showcase the shame.

Glass beads set in the mask
reflect years.
Contorted husk
of animation,
carved dream of humanity:

Her perfection is without equal.

How I despised her, and her magpie eyes.
Unyielding presence, a thing possessed – she watches
And knows.

Empty shell! Your partner quit your side forever.
How he must have loathed your
porcelain, so cold beneath
mere flesh.

But now my heart is merely sickened
to watch you sit and stare.
Skin once flush and heated is now
Chilling, startling to touch.
Eyes whose life once boiled, flooding my heart,
reflect the world without wonder.

Shonni Hodge