Sunday, May 31, 2009

She Is, I Am - David Stavanger


She is the kiss
and I am midnight

she is the silence
and I am Leonard Cohen’s last waltz

she is the nail
and I the empty chamber

she is the fish
and I am scaled to bone

she is the door
and I the unlocked

she is the floor
and I am still learning how to fall

she is the salt
and I am ordering take-away

she is the start
and I am stumbling to the finish

she is she is she is
I am I am I am

she is the heat
and I the smoke detector

she is the leaf
and I am winter

she is the switch
and I am sitting with mushrooms

she is the art
and I the finger paint of children

she is the appetite
and I the empty bowl

she is the paper
and I am out of ink

she is the sound
and I ring the door bell five times

she is the ready mother
and I the sudden father

she is she is she is
I am I am I am

she is
I am

David Stavanger

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Far - Emma K Osborne


You traced flowers with
Shone a six-ton smile
Right at me
Then flicked back - far-eyed.

Emma K Osborne

Monday, May 18, 2009

Start: One Evening in 1923 - Janine Baker

Start: One Evening in 1923

His start -
unremarkable -
barefoot street cricket
after floggings by The Brothers;
pudding on Sundays
and sly grog at the Palais

His journey -
unending -
from dodging Gyppo street girls
during shore leave in the Med
to jumping trains near Wagga
to escape the Army Provo’s

His contest -
unaccompanied -
through two continents
three wives, four kids spread wide
(could be a score more)
a dozen ships and
still no sign of contentment

His race -
unwon -
past maritime disasters
and that husband with a gun;
unfinished pictures; pulped novels (still unsold);
searching for a truth that’s not worth knowing…

His gravestone could read:

Tried it All (Once)
Kept Going

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alice perdu - Jamie Brown

Alice perdu

I can’t help thinking about
Alice, and her pretty white
dress, as she slips through
the television screen. The
strangers she meets there
measure out their lives in
coke spoons and cigarettes,
Beemers, bigger houses, and
who has the newest rattle.
The glowing phosphorescence
of her face as she says she
would rather stay on that
side of the glass, content
to have the rabbit for
dinner in burgundy sauce.

Jamie Brown
from 'Conventional Heresies'