Saturday, August 22, 2009

Haiku from Issa's Snail

Today kipple samples some of the great poets contributing to interactive renku site Issa's Snail (see link to the right)

two worn Oxfords
all that's left of father
in the wardrobe


a heron's meal
interrupted by
a teenage jet-ski


one strand
carries a spider

Joseph Mueller

trying her name
ending with his -
the pen runs dry


Christmas Eve -
stepping into
a stranger's footprint


heat haze
she runs up waving
a fan shell

Sandra Simpson

rainforest –
should I listen to bellbirds
or the currawong?


the stray tomcat
tries a kitten’s voice –
winter dusk


winter fly –
my death poem

Lorin Ford

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Haiku - Gina

a little cloud
drifts from its mob –
sheep on the hill


the cat’s reflection
nods back –
empty fishpond

First Published in Gean Tree Press