Sunday, May 31, 2009

She Is, I Am - David Stavanger


She is the kiss
and I am midnight

she is the silence
and I am Leonard Cohen’s last waltz

she is the nail
and I the empty chamber

she is the fish
and I am scaled to bone

she is the door
and I the unlocked

she is the floor
and I am still learning how to fall

she is the salt
and I am ordering take-away

she is the start
and I am stumbling to the finish

she is she is she is
I am I am I am

she is the heat
and I the smoke detector

she is the leaf
and I am winter

she is the switch
and I am sitting with mushrooms

she is the art
and I the finger paint of children

she is the appetite
and I the empty bowl

she is the paper
and I am out of ink

she is the sound
and I ring the door bell five times

she is the ready mother
and I the sudden father

she is she is she is
I am I am I am

she is
I am

David Stavanger

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