Monday, December 28, 2009

The Words That Fell To Earth - Amelia Walker

The Words That Fell To Earth

Thirty seven pages.
Thirty seven miles.
The diary of Ilan Ramon,
Israel's first astronaut,
found, wet and crumpled,
in a field just outside Palestine,
Texas. Words:
scrawled survivors,
the only survivors of Columbia,
the space shuttle that disintegrated
upon re-entry, February 1st, 2003
- the newspaper says.

Such a newspaper word.
All that metal.
All that flesh
and blood and bones and organs
and thoughts -what thoughts?
Where did they go?

How is it ink and paper escaped
the explosion, the heat,
the ice cold plummet,
the dirt and damp of the field
to be found, two months later
and returned to Ilan's wife?

All that ink.
All that paper.
All that metal.
All that flesh.
Thirty seven pages
and how many words?

Amelia Walker


Anonymous said...

Amazing that the words survived, through all the molten metal. Brilliant capture of a surreal situation.

Anonymous said...

beautiful moving read

the power of words..? perhaps

Shonni said...

Very intense. The simplicity of language that you used just made all the difference. Really lovely stuff to read...